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Implementation of supercomputer technologies

Starting from 2003 UIIP NASB is doing the job to provide SKIF supercomputers resources for concrete applications.

Since January 2003 the applications were realized on the cluster BM5100, since November 2003 – the cluster SKIF K-500, since January 2003 – the cluster SKIF K-1000.

Supercomputers SKIF are the key elements in several Russian-Belarusian Union State programs such as “SKIF”, “COSMOS-SG”, “TRIADA”, “SKIF-GRID”.

UIIP NASB elaborated several directions of SKIF effective use.

Some projects on the supercomputers SKIF were implemented in a number of enterprises:

  1. As the agreement with Borisov Aggregate Works the throughout computer technology of designing, testing and technological preparation of turbocompressor for Minsk Motors Works was realized in the frame of the State Program of import substitution.

    The quality of flowing parts of the turbine and compressor casing are worked through using the computer technologies based on SKIF and licensed software LS-DYNA, Star-CD.

    Gas-dynamic processes, strength characteristics of the details and assembly units were analyzed and optimized.

    Rotation stability of the rotor in different operations regimes were evaluated taking into account the interaction of vibration, resonance, thermal and tribological factors in the shaft-bearing system.

    It gave the chance in short term to improve the construction and to create the motor matching the European standard “Euro-2”, i.e. to avoid motors import.

    The investigation in the design of turbo compressor of advanced construction with regulated nozzle to be installed into powerful Diesel engine with 300-350 h-p.

    Experimental lot of turbocompressors is produced and currently is under testing in Minsk Motor Works.

  2. The calculation and modeling the frames of perspective tractors “Belarus” were accomplished which are practically impossible to be done on traditional computers.

  3. In the frame of the Ministry of Industry Program Computer technologies in new goods designing the calculation of dynamic characteristics of advanced block-module aggregate constructions for cultivation was made using the finite elements method on the supercomputer SKIF.

  4. As the Agreement with Scientific-Research Institute of Material and Resources Saving of Grodno State University the project of throughout technology of CAD, dynamic analysis and optimization of cardan shafts under production on the Stack Company BELCARD.

    The job is going on in the frame of the Program of Belarusian-Russian State Program TRIADA.

  5. The experiments to calculate bearing structures of mine truck (rock handler) BELAZ and mine cages were made.

  6. In interest of Minsk Tractor Works the project of supercomputer modeling the vehicle collision with fixed bar was made by Scientific Institute BEAUTOTRACTOR of NASB.

    The evaluation of the safety of the driver and passengers in the car in the case of car collusion was accomplished by means of virtual modeling the processes using the licensed software LS-DYNA.