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Galaxy simulation breaks new ground

Two astronomers have performed one of the world's largest astrophysics simulations to date in order to model the growth of galaxies. Using the "Earth Simulator" supercomputer in Japan, which is also used for climate modelling and simulating seismic activity, Masao Mori of the University of California at Los Angeles and Masayuki Umemura at the University of Tsukuba have calculated how galaxies evolved from just 300 million years after the Big bang to the present day. The results show that galaxies may have evolved much faster than currently believed.

April 2007- the 5th Contest of content-projects

Web-site of the State Supercomputer Multi-Access Center is a prize-winner of the 5th Contest of content-projects in nomination “Science and technology”.

On April 4, 2007 Belarusian web-portal TUT.BY announced winners of the 5th Contest of content-projects. More than 100 web-sites applied for the contest.

The contest started for the first time in 2003 year.

22 February 2007

A group of developers was awarded with Russian Federation Government Prize in the field of Science and Technics.

The Prize was received for construction and program documentation development, for preparation of commercial production and production of SKIF supercomputers. V.Anishchenko, Deputy director, PhD and N.Paromonov, The head of a department, PhD were awarded from UIIP NASB side. Resolution text (in russian)

skif logo14 November 2006 - A Web-site in the development.

The content of supercomputer center WEB-resource is realized. A lot of web pages are developed, such as the pages about Russian-Belarusian Union State programs “SKIF”, “COSMOS-SG”, “TRIADA”.

12 October 2006 - The beginning of the website development.

Gathering the information for WEB-resource of supercomputer technologies use in Belarus.

developers12 October 2006 - the website development agreement is signed.

The Department of Joint Programs of Space and Information Technologies of UIIP NASB signed the agreement to develop the Website of the State supercomputer multi-access center which is intended to be a unique place for all information about supercomputer technologies in Belarus.